Business IT Support Services

Business IT Services are for small companies that have 1-20 computers including a server. PC Pitstop General Business IT Service provides all the basic to intermediate support small business needs. Being an affordable option for small business allows Business owners and managers to concentrate on business instead of everyday computer problems that continue to stack up unresolved or taking your attention away from your clients.

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Network Administration

Network Administrative Services

PC Pitstop Network administrators are responsible for the upkeep of computer hardware and software systems. PC Pitstop also handles the maintenance of networks and file servers. When working for smaller companies, PC Pitstop network administrators are also usually in charge of conducting maintenance on computers, printer, routers, smartphones, etc. PC Pitstop Network Administrator duties include network monitoring, testing for weaknesses, handling updates, installing and implementing security programs, and evaluating network management software.

  • Perform delivery, physical setup, installation, troubleshooting and repair of all hardware and software.
  • Train users on software applications, systems, AV, and telecom systems.
  • Maintain telecom system, including telecom, handsets, and company PDA's.
  • Maintain IT inventories updating schedules as needed and properly disposing of equipment.

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Server Administration

Microsoft Based Server Administration

This service is responsible for ensuring your business consistently delivers on your clients. PC Pitstop server administrator will perform technical duties to configure and support Microsoft Servers, Active Directory, Group Policies, applications, databases, and data backup for your business internal systems located on premise or in cloud datacenters. It is imperative that we communicate effectively with our clients, teammates, and management.

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Why doesnt every computer shop offer a guarantee?

For over 30 years the computer repair shops have had to evolve to stay afloat. The biggest money maker is virus repairs. They run rampant and on the internet most security will fail which in turn brings you back for another repair. Call any of your local computer stores and ask them to guarantee no viruses. Most common response is " No one can guarantee that" or if you get the honest shop they will tell you that would be like shooting themselves in the foot. 

PC Pitstop Repair Centers felt for these clients who would come back with infections over and over. So the founder decided to go in a new and unheard of direction. Complete protection with 100% Money back guarantee!

DENALI CS | Ransom Zapper are the homegrown products of PC PITSTOP. With our protection we guarantee your DATA and Computer Protection from Malware, Viruses and Ransom attacks with 100% Money Back if our product fails. Members also get exclusive benefits such as Complementary Tune-Ups, Diagnostics, Remote support, reduced repair rates and exclusive member only deals.
Get the unbeatable protection of DENALI CS and protect all of your devices.
  • 1 Year
  • Professional setup of Denali
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*