Home users and business clients have different needs when it comes to computer support, read the descriptions below to determine which best suits your needs.
Home users: $99.97 per PC: The majority of home user support tickets are resolved by Tier 2* support. It is rare that a Denali CS Home members ticket needs to are assigned to a Tier 1* support member. If assistance from a tier 1 is required, please allow up to 1 business day for follow up.

Business Users $999.97 per year plus $49.97 per PC or Virtual Appliance: You have dedicated Tier 1* support, with a response time of up to 30 minutes for any related issue that Tier 2 cannot resolve. Onsite support requests will incur additional charges and require an appointment.
*Tier 2 support this includes support for hardware, home networking, home operating systems, drivers and performance.
*Tier 1 support this includes advanced support for issues that cannot be resolved by Tier 2. Tier one provides support for servers, business networks, AD, VM, business accounting software, industry-specific, website support, domain support.
 Tier 1 Support: Specific requests for a Tier 1 technician from a non-business ( Home Users) subscriber, please allow 24 for a response.

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