Why members only?

We know what it takes to keep systems protected from internet threats and running smoothly. However, unexpected problems do arise from time to time. Our members know they can bring in their PC or Mac for repair at Denali Computers without having to worry about a repair fee.

Home Users: $99.97 per computer

Business Users $999.97 per year plus $49.97 per PC, Server or Virtual Appliance

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DENALI CS Members receive our 100% Guaranteed Virus Protection software DENALI Cyber Security and a full year of unlimited services and support listed below:

  • DENALI Home Clients Receive:

    • Guaranteed Computer Security Protection DENALI Cyber Security**
    • Private email server with secure email address protected by DENALI CS
    • Unlimited Tune-ups and Maintenance**
    • Unlimited Network Support**
    • Unlimited Diagnostics**
    • Unlimited Remote Support**
    • Unlimited Email Support**
    • Unlimited Windows Installations**
    • Unlimited OSX Installations**
    • Unlimited Microsoft Support**
    • Unlimited Select 3rd Party Software Support**
    • Unlimited Printer Repairs**
    • Unlimited Printer Setup**
    • Unlimited Desktop Repairs**
    • Unlimited Laptop Repairs**
    • Discounted Rates on Data Recovery
    • Discounted Rates On Drive Imaging / Cloning
    • Discounted Rates on hardware upgrades
    • Up to 15% off New Laptop and Desktop Computers from Dell, HP, Samsung, Asus, and MSI
    • Up to a five year 100% Part Warranty on all parts and computers purchased from DENALI Computers

                  and so much more.

  • Denali Business Clients Receive all items above plus:
    • Dedicated IT Support
    • Domain Website Support
    • Support Maintenance for servers
    • Extended customization of Operating systems and software
    • Virtualized Operating Systems (VM) Support***
    • Website Administration
    • 3rd Party Business Application Support**
    • Real Time Error Monitoring


*Free refers to labor charges only. Exclusions include Data Recovery, Data Transfer and Imaging / Clone, customizations of third party software, website design, and custom build labor, server or network configurations. Services not covered by membership will be billed accordingly.

**Benefits apply only to PC or Mac that has DENALI CS Installed, 3rd party support refers to troubleshooting programs, for example, Microsoft Office,  Chrome, Photoshop Printer Software. Business Clients 3rd party support include QuickBooks, SQL, AD, and industry specific.

*** Virtualized Operating Systems are additional computers and must be added to plan to receive unlimited support. Virtual machines are $49.97 per VM per year


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