Gaming PC's

You want a custom built computer, but don't quite have the know how?  We can help you with a tricked out custom gaming rig to impress your friends, or make that drafting/drawing machine you have always dreamed about.  Our custom built computers are on a job by job basis, o price will vary on the options you select and all custom built computers come with a 1 year warranty from manufacturers defects.

What we know: Former pro gamer Joseph aka Deak has been gaming since 1993. He has built personal gaming machines from the extreme to the budget system. As the onsite gaming machine professional he recommends bringing your budget and trust in his expertise. 

If budget is not a concern come on in and lets get you that dream machine, however if you are like most of us gamers out there you have a budget in mind. There is a lot more to a gaming machine then picking out parts from a website. Most often we get clients who have purchased online and then bring us a PC that under-performs for the amount spent. Nothing is worse then being in group and your PC crashes or you find you cant use vent or twitch because the motherboard resources were not built for it. 

We charge a flat rate to build and burn in your system, everything else is parts at our wholesale price plus shipping if required. Each system takes a 2 week build time. Nothing or no amount of money will speed up this process. Joseph takes pride in every build and requires this time.

Come see us today, we will make you a system to keep that competitive edge.