How to prevent cyber attacks to your computer

Top 5 computer security changes you must implement to avoid becoming a victim of Cyber attacks, cyber terrorism, virus, malware, ransomware.

The internet sure has changed. When I started with computers in the mid 90's hacking was a dark corner of the internet. Most hacking didn't even take place "online" it was done VIA modems and took real skill and extremely genius knowledge. Today hacking comes in three forms.

1. Self-righteous Hackers: These guys don't mess around with the average home or business user. This hacking category are the ones who go after government agencies and do it to uncover what they consider to be important information the world should know.

2. Criminal Hackers: This group is the same group you would see in movies for criminal motives. Security systems, cameras, servers.

3.  Pukes: This group doesn't even know how to hack, they simply regurgitate code to do 1 thing, infest your computer with viruses, ransoms, malware and so on, undoubtly the most annoying and what costs the average user the most amount of money and heartache.

One thing all three of these have in common is how they access the networks, computers and servers. It REQUIRES the installation of code or program on the targets computer in order to gain access. 

Yes they are clever how they get this done, from embedded code on pictures, Emails with links that auto install infections to malicious code attached to the software you downloaded to see the fish tank screen saver. Even this website is under constant attack from hackers who try to inject their code into our system.

So what can you do to protect your system? Here is the top 5 security changes you can make to ensure your systems protection.

1. Remote hackers gain access by installing code VIA your registry permissions and GPO ( Group Policy ).

To stop this you must change these settings. On a Windows 10 computer system there is 1,743 registry changes and 2033 GPO changes you will need to implement to stop this process from ever happening to you.

DENALI SYSTEM LOCK provides these changes

2. Hackers also user full screen webpage advertising to lock your computer system and give you a phone number to call.

To stop this you need to have an emergency cleaner program that will clear all internet windows, delete all temp files, reset browsers and clear the threat.

DENALI Ransom Zapper provides this solution

3. Some hackers will call you requesting remote access to your computer system. They sound official and very convincing. The problems is once they are on your computer they can destroy or encrypt your data and demand a ransom.

DENALI Remote Block ensures they cannot get into your computer

4.Malware and viruses are designed to instantly disable your security software allowing for encryption viruses and botnets to take over.

DENALI Protection Hub ensures your PC's security cannot be hijacked and disabled

5. Most hackers find ways to exploit your computer by finding holes in currently installed software.

DENALI Auto-Patch tracks updates for all your software and informs you when it is time to update.


There it is the top 5 ways to prevent all cyber attacks and threats to your home and business PC. The Denali Internet Security System provides all 5 solutions listed above with a full 100% Money back guarantee!









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