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Receive 50% Off your Mac or PC Repair* when you subscribe to Denali CS


  • 100% Guaranteed Virus and internet threat protection
  • 100% Hardware warranty for up to 5 years***
  • 100% Service warranty 1 Year
  • Complimentary in-store Diagnostics
  • Complimentary in-store Tune-ups 4 per year
  • Complimentary in-store Consultations
  • Complimentary Remote Support
  • Up to 70% off future services

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*Excludes software or hardware purchases *** Upto 5 year warranty Only applies to hardware purchased from and installed by Denali Computers


Mac and PC Repair BremertonDenali Repair Technicians understand the importance of technology in your life. From business to home users we all depend on our PC or Mac’s for communication, education, business, entertainment, and financials.

Denali Mac & PC in Bremerton expedites all services so your computer is on a technician’s bench in as little as 1 hour and most pc or mac repairs are completed within 24 business hours after authorization to complete work.

Denali stands behind the services we offer.  All parts and repair services carry up to a 5 year warranty*.  Plus Denali Mac & PC is the first and only pc repair company to offer Virus Protection backed by a 100% Guarantee** against infections.

*5 year warranty requires subscription to Denali Cyber Security

**Money Back Guarantee is limited to the provisions found here.


Thank you so much hopefully this won't happen again to me but if it does I will be sure to come running back to this place.. Heather H.
They live up to their name, Above all in security, repair, recovery for all pc's and Macs. Highly recommend.George G.
Great service and a friendly atmosphere. They helped my family reclaim 2 laptops and save countless memories that were saved on my wife's computer. These guys are the pinnacle of customer service.Carl
We've used them a few times now. They are always providing prompt service and fair prices. These guys know what they are doing.Debbie D.